Renovation Services

What We Specialize In:

  • Large scale renovations
  • Entire house gut and remodel
  • House raising
  • Complete kitchen renovation
  • Heritage renovations
  • Design phase
  • Permit process
  • Full-scale project management
  • Deck renovations and exterior

Large Scale Renovations

Large scale renovations are what we do best. As you start tearing apart the walls, dealing with engineering, hazardous materials, unexpected surprises found during demo, drainage and more, you need to be able to make decisions based on experience and with partner trades who are also as experienced. We are accustomed to this process and have the experience to tackle it! Some large scale renovations include: full basement renovations, top floor kitchen, bathroom and living room and removing walls to open up a space entirely.

Entire House Gut and Remodel

Sometimes you have to make the decision if it’s worth keeping the space at all. In some cases, gutting the entire space and reconfiguring it for better functionality, while being able to completely upgrade the services, is the best option. For a full gut and remodel, a solid knowledge of each municipality’s standards is key. In addition, we always like to focus on how to best use the space. In two of our full gut and remodel jobs, both in Burnaby, we renovated the space for both the family and also to create extra living space for family members and rental opportunities.

House Raising

Sometimes you need to move up! We have experience taking an existing structure, and lifting it in order to create usable space out of something that was unusable. This involves careful planning with all subtrades, engineering and our partnering company that specializes in raising houses. Once the house is properly raised, we then work to build the structure and support below and then lower the house again.

Complete Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is the heart of many homes. We offer services to completely upgrade kitchens, taking things down to the studs and back again. The kitchen is often the core of some major renovations, and then since we have the permit, we add bathrooms and other rooms to focus on getting the work done all at once. It’s a process that is more efficient and in the long run, also more cost effective. No matter what style of kitchen you dream of, Tuscan to modern, we can make it happen.

Before and after renovations

Heritage Renovations

We won our first Georgie award for our work in New Westminster on a heritage renovation. The reason we love heritage is because of our commitment to craft. Heritage requires a unique knowledge of preservation and style, in addition to craftsmanship that will create a consistent look with the original. Heritage homes often have unique layouts that are not a desirable design for modern users, and we work on heritage with a respect of the original and plan to make the entire home suitable for modern living. We support Heritage BC and have access to the current trends and industry news about heritage renovations.

Design Phase

We do design. Why? Because creating the process from beginning to end means a fluid process the entire way through. Our design phase is focused on getting the best value for your money. We provide options such as interior design, drain scoping and hazardous materials testing, but our overall goal is to get you drawings ready for permit submission and a design attached to a budget. At the end of this phase, you have a meaningful number, a complete scope of work and drawings ready to be prepared for permit.

Permit Process

Once the design phase is complete, we offer a permit phase that includes permit-ready drawings, permit submission, city visits and communication with the city for updates on the permit process. We have a thorough understanding of the different expectations depending on the municipality. Though we have no control over the timing of city approval, we provide advocacy throughout the permit process with the best interest of the home-owner in mind.

Full-Scale Project Management

Sometimes clients come to us with a full design, engineer, architect, interior design and more and what they are looking for is someone to run the job and provide labour and trades for the build phase only. We have experience partnering with different designers and can work together to manage the project until the end. What makes us great project managers? We communicate. We provide weekly updates, statements of accounts, manage all extra work and documentation efficiently so we are clear about any scope changes and budget changes. You will always always be in- the-know and have support in decision making and process. Though we have a solid project management, it is flexible in order for us to meet the needs of different clients, wanting as much or little involvement as works for their lifestyle.

Deck Renovations and Exteriors

A home’s exterior is more than just about what your neighbours see: it’s about making the most of your property year round, proper maintenance and protecting your house from the elements. We have experience doing full deck renovations, major landscaping, concrete and walkways, outdoor kitchens, full exterior upgrades, drainage and more. Deck renovations allow you to capitalize on your property investment and reap the most value out of your space!

Before and after renovations Burnaby Deck

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