3 Stage Process

We offer three phases, broken out and you choose what you need. Our goal is to provide you with options, so you can customize the process for your needs.

Creative: Design

This is the phase where you get to dream. Its also the housekeeping phase. We offer design because we know that 100% of the time: when you design with the company who builds, you get better value. Our design process is set up to get us to where we want to go: the renovation. We offer a range of options, clearly broken out by price, so you choose what you need.

Compliance: Permit

This part of the process can be daunting. Submitting for permits can be easy for simple renovations, but more complicated renovations become more complicated. We ensure that what we have designed will meet the city standards, and advocate for you during the permit process. We handle the paperwork, submission and dealing with the city.

Craft: Build

We are a renovation company and this is what we love. We have a process in place to ensure the project management will be taken care of. We have skilled carpenters and apprentices, to do the work. We have long-standing relationships with quality trades from hazardous materials abatement to tile, and everything in between. We work with the best because we want to ensure that what we build is worth the Sasen stamp.