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Are you looking to renovate, but don’t know where to start?


We are located in Burnaby and specialize in home renovations for your renovation in Vancouver and beyond.

Perhaps you already have plans and permits and are searching for the right team of carpenters and professionals that specialize in bringing home renovations to life!

Wherever you are in the process Sasen can take you from Design to Permit and Build.

Call us or visit our optional contact form to book a meeting. Send us a description, some pictures if possible and your contact information and we will schedule a time to sit together and begin turning your home renovation dreams into reality. This initial visit is at no cost to you. We sit down with you and review what your home renovation goals are. We discuss what phase you are at and explain the three phase process. We will next send you a proposal that will provide you with the scope or work and a meaningful budget for that phase. Why do we break it up? To offer flexibility. We want our clients to know they are not obligated to sign up for the build when we are still exploring their design.

Feeling chatty?  Contact us via PHONE: 604-765-1708

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