Learn about the Sasen Values:


Sasen Design & Development was born a proprietorship. After years of honing skills, team building and establishing connections in the industry, Sasen is now a preferred industry leading general contracting firm with a team of skilled Red Seal Journeymen and qualified apprentices in the process of being indentured. Sasen’s philosophy of home building focuses on the amelioration of a home’s function and efficiency through the use of space, light, technology and quality materials. Sasen’s philosophy and principles of Integrity, Excellence and Craftsmanship help create the legacy that is imprinted in all of Sasen’s homes. Sasen is proudly serving Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, New Westminster, Burnaby, Vancouver, North Vancouver and West Vancouver.

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Matthew T.S. Senf

photoHaving worked as a labourer and building his trade skills in his early years, Sasen’s Principal, Matthew, successfully completed his formal training as a Red Seal Journeyman. In 1999, Matthew left the trade to pursue postgraduate studies in Theology. After his return to the trade, Sasen Design & Development was born as a proprietorship honing skills, building our team and establishing connections in the industry. Although Sasen has light experience in commercial, insurance and custom home framing, the skills of the team are geared towards residential renovation. All of our supervising carpenters are Red Seal Journeymen and every helper is either presently in the apprentice program or in the process of being indentured. We believe a strong mentorship and training cultivates high levels of craftsmanship. Our team approach is rooted in a philosophy of home building that affirms the use of space, light, technology and quality materials in the amelioration of a home’s function and efficiency. Matthew lives with his family in Brentwood.  If you drive through the neighbourhood you can’t help seeing the Sasen stamp of excellence on many of the neighbours’ homes.


Sasen’s mission and vision philosophies are grounded in the pursuit of the charactervalue and changing purpose of the ideal of Home.  What is a Home supposed to do? How is a Home supposed to serve those who inhabit it?  What is a Home’s ideal relationship to the environment that surrounds it?  Our philosophy here at Sasen is shaped by the answers to these questions and those answers come out of the collaborative relationships we build with our clients.  Matthew is also very interested in advocacy around homelessness and has worked on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside for over 17 years addressing the issue and advocating for the marginalized.


Apprenticeship Program

By training our apprentices from the beginning, we are able to guarantee the quality of training and cultivate them to Sasen’s standard of Integrity, Excellence and Craftsmanship. We support our young apprentices through their education financially and by exposing them to in-field experiences. Our strong mentoring and apprenticeship program is what allows us to consistently deliver the highest standards in our finished product.