Renovation Team

Team SasenSasen's Renovation Team

Sasen`s renovation team is worth bragging about. Sasen offers a well-balanced work environment that attracts fun, passionate, skilled team members. The team excels at open communication, with each other, our partnering trades and of course, our valued clients. Team Sasen works hard, and plays hard.


Matthew Senf: Principal

Matthew Senf, Sasen Renovations

Matthew began his career as a labourer, working his way through his apprenticeship to become a journeyman. He took off his belt to head Sasen’s Renovation team. He and his wife Rose raise their two daughters at their home in Burnaby which they have extensively renovated.  Matt is involved with the Lutheran and Anglican churches in the lower mainland and is a long-time student of theology.

  • Hobbies: motorcycles, building Lego with his girls, camping and opera
  • Super power: Communicating in, at minimum, three languages a week
  • Fun Fact: Matt has traveled to every continent in the world except Antarctica



Peter Reinhardt: Project Supervisor

Peter Reinhardt of Sasen RenovationsPeter has been part of Sasen’s renovation team since the company’s inception. Peter completed his apprenticeship at BCIT with Sasen Renovations in 2013. Peter spends his free time with his family, wife and two boys, and has been a long-time volunteer as a leader with the Canadian Lutheran and Anglican Youth Gathering. Peter has taken on the title:  “Uncle Peter” on more than one project!

  • Hobbies: rapping Shakespeare and building Lego structures
  • Super power: Creating hilarious project emails and updates
  • Fun Fact: Peter loves correct spelling and sugary cereal

Jessie Hannah: Marketing Coordinator

Jessie Hannah Sasen Renovations

Jessie started with Sasen Renovations after moving to Vancouver from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Jessie grew up as the eldest of six in Nova Scotia. Jessie’s mother worked as a carpenter so she is no stranger to the hurdles of home construction. Jessie spends her free time with friends and family, adventuring and cooking.

  • Hobbies: photography, creative writing, rock climbing and traveling
  • Super power: As a maritimer, Jessie excels at making friends with strangers!
  • Fun Fact: Jessie once co-rescued an eagle from the freezing ocean on a sailing trip


Shahin Elhaei: Apprentice Carpenter

Shahin Elhaei SasenShahin is an ITA registered third year apprentice carpenter. He joined Sasen Renovations shortly after completing his level 1 and 2 at BCIT.  When not at work, Shahin is either out on a soccer field or spending time with friends. Shahin enjoys travelling the world and has been to many places throughout Europe and the Caribbean.

  • Hobbies: soccer
  • Super power: Shahin knows the words to most songs!
  • Fun Fact: Shahin was born in Dubai where he spent the first few years of his life before moving to Burnaby


Jackie Nicklin: Project Coordinator

Jackie Nicklin joined our team after finding her passion completing her own major renovation project where she acted as client, project manager and labour! Originally from North Wales in the UK, she lives with her family in West Vancouver and their dog named Cypress. They spend their weekends exploring the coast of beautiful B.C.

  • Hobbies: eating and travel
  • Super power: Speaking Welsh!
  • Fun Fact: Once worked on Alcatraz

Ryan Price: Apprentice Carpenter

Sasen team

  • Super power: Can hum and whistle at the same time
  • Fun Fact: Ryan can sing falsetto or counter tenor despite his low speaking voice